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Who first equipped driving safety centers and test tracks with today’s popular technology? With the first slide machines? Or, for example, a new generation of sliding surfaces? That was us: Techniche Hydraulik!
We are the Slide Machine Company!

We are also proud of many other innovative solutions in equipping more than 75 test tracks, race tracks and driving safety centers.

Since 1981, we have been planning, designing and supervising highly complex projects for industrial companies, automobile clubs and governments.
And this has been the case since the very beginning in Austria, throughout Europe and worldwide.

We always look ahead. That is our nature. But also the look back is worthwhile, on an eventful, 40 year history of our company. Take a look at this chapter full of exciting milestones.

In the following we summarize the main chapters of this homepage: Our services as a construction company, our innovations, how we support our customers, our references and our well known product portfolio.

Take a look at these chapters! And if you have any questions or are interested in building your own project:
Contact us – we look forward to hearing from you! 


We build projects:


We fulfill all our construction services with the competence and experience of the market leader. Both as a pure technology supplier and when we take responsibility for your complete project and, for example, hand over a "turnkey" test facility. In such a case, we additionally coordinate factors such as the construction of a building.

We always work strictly systematically, saving you time and money on logistics and construction supervision. This is also true for the cooperation with the authorities.

Last but not least, we have a valuable partner network that we are happy to integrate into the process.

We design:


Our research and development has its own place: The Technology Park in Pachfurth. For years now, we have been developing our products, designs and patents there.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we produce all components of our construction projects, up to complete sytem controls or entire training containers.

We also use the neighboring Driving Camp Pachfurth as a testing location to test or optimize new products directly with or at real customers.

We care:


In addition to the actual construction project, there are success factors that should be included in the planning even before ground is broken.

For example, the long-term support provided by our maintenance services determines the functionality and service life of the technical systems. We offer our customers a variety of solutions for this.

It is also important to start on time with marketing and sales to address the relevant target groups. This also applies to the training and further education of future personnel, i.e. back-office staff or even the team of trainers.


Driving Safety Centers


We have already equipped driving safety centers worldwide with our technology. From small to medium-sized facilities with less than five track modules to flagship centers with up to ten tracks in on- and off-road.

We equip each center differently according to its planned positioning in the market. On the one hand these are providers of driver safety training for private individuals and / or for professional drivers.

On the other hand some objects are used as event locations for product presentations of the automotive industry.

Test tracks

Just like the driving safety centers, we also equip test tracks internationally. From Formula 1 facilities to high-speed ovals and projects with specially defined infrastructure requirements.

Our products are mostly focused on complete irrigation as well as the installation of various sliding surfaces.

Our challenges depend on the intended use of the facilities. From high-speed endurance testing to real-life tests under extreme conditions.

OEM products

Not only do we manufacture the technical components or complete systems for the irrigation of driving locations, we also provide the corresponding system controls of this technology.

The same systems also controls the precise operation of our slidemachines. A highly complex device, but one that is easy to control for the future users.

Furthermore, we design and produce all the technical refinements with which we equip an off-road site. It gets even more special with the wheelie trainer, a swimming channel or a roller path that we constructed individually for the needs of our customers.


We are the Slide Machine Company

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