We build trust.


We hand over our construction projects on time and on budget. Sometimes as a supplier, sometimes as the overall responsible party, also turnkey.

It is a long way from the first customer contact to the successful end of the process. A process chain in which each individual link has a say in costs, deadlines and quality.

We have the necessary professionalism, experience and, of course, good partners to make the journey successful for you.
No matter what demandsyou or external circumstances make on us. This is the only reason why our clients entrust us with such complex projects.

Do you currently have a project in the pipeline? Then get in touch with us and we will arrange an initial meeting.



Drawings, sketches and ideas. This phase is decisive for the further course of a construction project.

The first step is to get a picture of the topographyof the site and the immediate surroundings. Apart from your specific wishes, we clarify the following questions, for example: Where and how should routes or driving modules run? How do we best use the existing conditions? For example, what are the consequences of differences in height that the terrain has? What does this mean for the position of the building, the car park or for underground lines?

We support you in word and deed with the completion of the architect’s plan so that the overall project planning can start.


Forward-looking project planning is everything. We are experienced enough to consider operational challenges, problems with authorities or politics, seasonal issues or even time buffers in good time.

Among other things, we are already assembling the control containers and entire pump shafts at the Technology Park in order to unload and install them completely at the construction site. This saves time and costs.

Also on schedule:
What happens on "Day X" or after construction? If you wish, we can support you, for example, with a timely marketing concept or the training of your trainers.



We keep an eye on the legal regulations and, of course, all environmental requirements, take into account the necessary approval processes for scheduling and are happy to prepare the relevant documents for you.

We also support and advise you in the selection of suitable building land or plots.

Due to our long experience, we know sensitive issues with the authorities in advance and help you solve them in time or provide you with all the necessary information.

Construction monitoring

The efficient, transparent and trusting cooperation of all trades involved in the construction ensures pragmatic solutions even in the event of unforeseen difficulties.

We are happy to undertake close coordination with construction supervision to ensure all public-law requirements for safe operation, as we definitely see this as a sensitive factor for time and costs.

Of course, this applies equally to civil engineering and building construction.


What are the specific success factors when constructing the building within a driving location? E.g. the optimal alignment within the overall plot. In addition, the size and equipment, depending on the requirements of the future customer groups.

So what degree of multifunctionalitymakes sense? Type and number of offices, seminar rooms and event halls? The level of event technology equipment? The accessibility of the house? What about the type and size of the catering or sanitary facilities?

These are all central questions on which we will be happy to advise you. If desired, we can also take responsibility for the plan and build it ourselves.


That is our pact with the costs. Because to play it safe, with the "turnkey" solution we offer you a fixed price for the complete construction project.

At the same time, it is a pact for your communication: because with us, you have only ONE contact person who is competently and reliably at your side throughout the entire process. Without the usual friction losses.

Speaking of less frictional losses: We are thus also responsible for the complex construction logistics as well as for customs issues when it comes to an international project.

Transport, customs, …

One thing is clear: the further away the project, the more sensitive the logistics and customs procedures at the borders. We develop detailed construction site timing so that there is no idle time or delays.

Large, heavy components usually mean expensive and time-consuming heavy transport by road. However, we can dismantle essential components from our production in such a way that fewer restrictions apply, such as daytime driving bans or speed limits.

At the borders, we know the correct declarations and registration procedures so as not to risk unnecessary disruptions to supply chains.


Unplanned challenges exist in every construction phase. Take, for example, unusually long periods of wet or cold weather. Or the existing noise emissions become a problem. What if it "suddenly" becomes too narrow for parts of the routes according to the construction plan?

Our experience provides us with pragmatic solutions for (almost) everything. Be it large heated tents to keep our sliding surfaces dry and warm on the ground. Or building plan changes to direct the sound in a new direction.

We also support you with very basic questions, for example in the search for a suitable plot of land. Or on questions of financing or financing structure.


Nationally and internationally, we maintain a network at the highest level. With long-standing partners from structural and civil engineering.

In addition, there are the operators of already existing test tracks as well as driving safety centres, which make a valuable exchange of experience possible. Of course, this also applies to old customers who have "only" purchased individual technical components.

Furthermore, we have partners who offer advice on event management, marketing and process optimisation.

Plus the education and training of trainers or other location staff.