That is our USP.


We sell innovative products to customers so that they can stand out from their competitors. Whether these products are intended to evoke emotions in the respective users or technical precision with absolutely consistent quality.

Our technical equipment and special constructions are the best in the market, that is our promise. Whether for driving safety centers, test tracks or similar projects.

What we also promise: We do not rest. But continue to work, develop and research. So that your customer benefits will continue to grow in the future.




Efficient. Fast. Powerful.


What do we have in the portfolio? Rectangular slide machines for all vehicles up to the truck. The slide machines disc for cars and vans. Special plates only for motorcycles. And we even have hydraulic bumps in the program.

What do they all have in common? They are ready to use again very quickly after each run, they give the riders an extreme driving condition and they provide maximum fun and sense.



Precise at the touch of a button.


For us, not all water is the same. Some examples: A slide surface for cars must be watered evenly and, above all, everywhere. A water obstacle must appear as quickly as possible sufficiently high and also opaque in front of the driver. The water level of an aquaplaning pool must rise as high as necessary and, of course, remain at this level.

The most important thing in all applications is always that the water is exactly where it is needed. With our system control, we fulfill this requirement manually at the push of a button, gladly also fully automatically, in any case always precisely.



Intuitive control.


Our industrial systems are complex and powerful, but are very easy to operate thanks to a user-friendly interface. Most functions are visualized in such a way that intuitive operation is possible. So whether it’s the staff at test tracks or the trainers at a driving safety center, everyone has a quick handle on the technology.

If it does become necessary, the networking of all units allows centralized intervention in the control of all existing lines.



Professional sliding.


We have also developed the sliding surfaces we use ourselves. With all the important quality characteristics: they are robust and durable, they correspond exactly to the predefined friction values and they have no undesirable unevenness on the full surface. This makes them the leading product for use at driving safety centres and test tracks.



A technical spectacle.


Whether as a fully equipped area at a driving safety centre, with partial elements on test tracks or as a mobile unit at a trade fair. We make off-road something special. To a technical spectacle – as our waterfall or the wading pool prove.

The benefits range from "serious" driving safety training, presentations of new vehicles to
Tests of certain vehicle components.



Special & Extraordinary.


In the development of new products, we have always been inspired by our customers. For example, from bikers who wanted to learn how to ride a wheelie. This became our wheelie trainer. Or from participants in a truck training course, whether a truck with semi-trailer cannot also be rocked up to the tipping point. We actually made it possible, with a jockey wheel trailer.

And the development of an entire swimming channel? This came about through a request from the military.