Emotions at the wheel.


The very first hydraulic slide machines on the market were developed and designed in our company – and are now used in countlessdriving safety centres or test facilities. Always further developed by us, they still prove themselves today as a superior design, day after day, with thousands of uses.

Our slide machines ensure absolutely reliable and reproducible extreme conditions for all vehicle drivers. What they all have in common is the greatest power on the market. Our self-developed control system ensures that the impulse on the vehicle always takes place at exactly the right moment. In addition, the stroke causes an increasing dynamic to full power in a fraction of a second – a decisive difference to our competitors.

The panels do not only stand on their own, we have technically developed them in combination with our sliding coverings, for an optimal effect of both elements. Also in view of ever newer assistance systems in the vehicles. We also offer intuitive programming for the slide machines, which even non-specialist staff can learn and use in minutes.



We were the first.


Whether light, heavy, short or long cars, whether with front, rear or all-wheel drive: infinitely adjustable, we bring every vehicle to breakaway or into the extreme driving condition desired by the trainer.

These rectangular slide machines therefore provide adrenaline and emotion for drivers of cars or even vans. And for learning to bring their vehicle back under control after several passes.




Elegant gyration.


Our patented skid plate that causes vehicles to oversteer and understeer in a controlled manner. As you can see in the pictures, the whole area of the construction can be driven over, as we work without the usual covers. Incidentally, this also saves space.




Loss of control for the big.


Thanks to the precision and, above all, the lifting power, we force even buses, trucks and heavy vans out of control and transport the drivers into the unique and invaluable situation of "recapturing" their vehicles under absolutely safe conditions.

Additional option: The use of our hydraulic "ramp", installed directly behind the plate, to further enhance the lifting effect.




Unique experiences.


As a further milestone in our development, the motorbike plate simulates, for example, driving over wet road markings in a curve. Our technology thus applies an impulse, adjustable in strength, to the rear wheel, to which a rider must react calmly and without hectic countersteering. After a few repetitions, this creates a whole new confidence in such unpleasant driving situations.

The motorbike plate makes every driving safety centre special, a very special sales advantage in your market.




Vertical instead of horizontal.


Not only horizontally to the side, but also vertically upwards or downwards!

Our hydraulic speed bumps are easily height-adjustable with the push of a button and can literally "lever out" the vehicles in a curve. Very well suited for testing vehicles of all sizes: for example, their suspensions, shock absorbers, ESP or other assistance systems.