Tinkering & Inventing


We are a company with an inventive spirit. Always.

We own countless patents, from small valves to oversized wheelie trainers.

The site of our innovative spirit is the Technology Park just outside Vienna. This is also where we design most of the technical components and assemble them as finished parts for their transport, some of which is international.

The location of the Technology Park was not chosen at random. At the neighbouring Driving Camp – built by us and put into operation in 2004 – we install and test new developments before we include them in our product portfolio.



Here it all begins.


For several years now, we have been concentrating our research and development and, for example, the pre-assembly of containers and pump shafts at our site in the Technology Park in Pachfurth.

Here we take advantage of the short distances between the management as well as the development, construction, warehouse and the neighbouring driving camp, where we can also observe and analyse direct customer reactions. The right place, then, to bundle our know-how in order to constantly initiate new ideas, developments, experiments and tests that will ultimately become the innovations of tomorrow.



It starts with a drawing.


Good construction drawings are the basis for everything else. To do this, we need to know the exact needs of our clients in advance, through the most precise communication and coordination possible.

Our customers have always come from different industries, with very different wishes and goals. For example, is it about new, innovative developments from the vehicle sector that are now to be tested for the first time? Then we support them in designing these new test procedures and develop the corresponding technology for them.

In this way, we have produced many patents over the last 40+ years. Always with the claim to provide our customers with completely new – and above all better – solutions than the market. This corresponds to our brand essence and clearly distinguishes us from the competition.



Reference and test track.


Speaking of patents: Of course, we test all new developments under real conditions. That’s why we have the neighbouring Driving Camp.

This is our kind of test track when it comes to testing the technology we use in terms of functionality, ease of use or durability. Driving Camp’s customers come from all sectors, which we can observe, survey and analyse in terms of their behaviour. Thus, the plant is also an "early warning system" for us: What developments are emerging? What does the customer of tomorrow want? Which vehicle innovations have which implications?

The Driving Camp is also our reference facility, which we keep permanently up-to-date with the latest technology. We always invite customers here to demonstrate a high-tech event location or individual segments that are also used on test and race tracks.