From maintenance to advice.


We have always followed all our projects closely with regard to developments in their respective markets. We are therefore aware of the key success factors, but also of the difficulties and omissions with regard to market entry and ongoing operations.

Of course, every plant is unique and confronted with partly different requirements in terms of positioning, the economic environment, the competitive situation or even climatic conditions. Our servicesare relevant for all these constellations.

Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to technical equipment, but also offer the services described below.



We offer highly complex industrial technology that naturally requires regular and professional maintenance.

Either we take over the trainingof a qualified employee from your side and also train them regularly. So that, for example, no updates are missed and the system always remains up to date.

Alternatively, we offer a multi-year full service contract that includes all personnel, service and wear part costs. For the duration of this commitment, this corresponds to the extension of our warranty and includes an employee on site together with the usual spare parts.


Even on test or race tracks, the best technology is only worth half without good staff. This is not just an empty slogan, it is lived practice on every plant.

Even before the opening of your facility, we are happy to support you in the selection and training (and later further training) of your instructor or event team.

Certified training trainers select staff according to relevant personality traits and lead them through several days of intensive theoretical and practical training.

In addition, we offer valuable experience through job shadowing on already existing plants.


Measures for marketing and sales absolutely require an early and long-term perspective. Investments in this area should in any case already be integrated into the construction budget.

Our specialists speak exclusively from experience in all matters, from which you can only benefit. And there are many other concerns: What about having your own fleet of vehicles, for example? The procurement of event technology or the equipping of the seminar rooms? Operationally, we also help with the development of module plans and other questions of day-to-day operations.

Even the processes in the back office are so specialised that we are happy to support you in the early selection and training of your team.