Mission Impossible.


How do we come up with our special designs such as a support wheel trailer, a flotation channel for military vehicles or a wheelie trainer? It is often our customers who inspire us, i.e. formulate certain problems and ask us for a technical solution.

Our technology park, where we have been driving our research and development for years, exists precisely for such cases. To be and remain at the forefront of technology.

By the way, we are always open to developments beyond all vehicle-related technologies. For example, with our design for biodiesel(at the bottomof this page).



World Exclusive.


On the "Real Free Wheelie-Trainer", bikers and (non!) bikers learn to ride on the rear wheel completely safely.For this purpose, we have constructed an oversized steel frame in which we have placed a real motorbike. This rides freely on a roller, but is prevented from tipping over by an ingenious holding system.

For programming: there are eight difficulty levels for riders, from full support to free ripping and real wheelie!

In contrast to the usual focus of motorbike training, the emphasis here is not necessarily on safety and reason, but on the experience and the emotions!Two needs that were repeatedly mentioned to us after questioning our motorbike customers, so we were happy to fulfil this wish with the Wheelie Trainer.

A look into the future: The wheelie trainer is to become electric. This protects the environment and also ensures better air for the spectators at the training. We are also working on a mobile solution for the construction, which means it will be smaller, lighter and more mobile. We will keep you up to date at this point!



For inspections and tests.


The military builds armoured amphibious vehicles that – you guessed it – have to be absolutely watertight in water. To check this, there has been a lack of practical possibilities so far, so we were asked for a technical solution.

So we developed and built a floating channel, according to exact specifications of such tests. This includes, for example, that the downhill angle of the ramp must have a certain inclination that complies with NATO regulations.

The dimensions of the canal: length 50 metres, depth 5 metres and width 10 metres. The water depth here is regulated by pumps. This is different from our wade basin, where we hydraulically raise and lower the bottom.

So tests and exams are the main focus here. For the use of fun events, however, we like to get creative!



Experience the tipping point.


Would it be valuable if a truck driver were allowed to feel first-hand what it means when his semi-trailer overturns? Absolutely! But how to realise it?

For this purpose, we have constructed a high-tech support wheel trailer: A driver can now, on a closed track, deliberately cause a load change (for example in a bend) to rock the trailer so that it would tip over – but in this extremely dynamic moment, it is prevented from doing so by hydraulic support wheels.

The driver is alerted to the exceeding of this physical limitvia lights as well as acoustically. The latter is also seen and heard by spectators or other training participants, who can also follow the speed via a display.



Diesel from waste.


A good engineer always wants to save the world a little too. For this reason, we developed our own design a long time ago to produce a biological diesel from renewable raw materials or waste.

With this innovation, we also want to set an example beyond the automotive sector in order to demonstrate more and more sustainable solutions.